It is also possible to support the Garden of Destiny by purchasing donation vouchers. This method was adopted from the Statue of Freedom project in the last century. Each voucher has its unique number. To view the list of individuals and businesses who have purchased vouchers to support the Garden of Destiny, click here.
The donation voucher consists of two detachable parts. The first part is a thank you to all supporters, this remains with the person purchasing the voucher. The second part is filled in showing the name of the person in whose honor the donation was made along with your name and address. Detach this part of the voucher and mail it postage free to „Koknese Foundation”.
Garden of Destiny Donation Vouchers are available at:
 The Koknese Tourism Center in Koknese at 1 Melioratoru Street
„Museum of the Occupation of Latvia” in Riga at 7 Raina boulevard
SIA „Jumavas grāmatnīca” bookstore in Riga at 73 Dzirnavu Street
SIA „Aizkraukles grāmata” bookstores in Aizkraukle at 3 Lacplesa Street, in Cesis at 21 Rigas Street, in Koknese at 8 R. Blaumana Street, in Lielvarde at 18a Lacplesa Street and in Plavinas at 2 Atvara Street.
„Liepaja during occupation regimes” branch of the „Liepaja museum” in Liepaja at 7/9 K. Ukstina Street
„Koknese Foundation” office in Riga at 75-III Lacplesa Street
Canadian Latvians may purchase donation vouchers from Ingrida Bulmane in Toronto
The Garden of Destiny in season



Vilis Vitols, Chairman of the Board

Things are not going easily at the moment, but with your help we will continue to build the Garden of Destiny – relentlessly and irreversibly. We are attempting to complete it as a gift to Latvia on her 100th birthday. If by chance we do not complete it on time, there is no cause for concern. Construction of St. Peter’s Church in Riga took a total of 282 years. It will not take us that long.

J. Rungis, Director, LAAJ The Executive Council of LAAJ has decided to celebrate the 60th birthday of LAAJ by donating 6000 AUD (about 3000 lats) to the Garden of Destiny. We are a part of the far-strewn Latvian nation which is so aptly remembered at this memorial site. We hope that other organizations worldwide will consider a donation to the Garden of Destiny on their anniversaries.