We offer you the opportunity to support the Garden of Destiny by purchasing a cobblestone for 10 EUR for the Garden of Destiny Apple Tree Lane. It is our hope to cover this lane – 8 meters wide and more than 200 meters long – with more than 113,000 gray cobblestones, each engraved with the name of the donor taking part in this „Friends of the Garden of Destiny Lane” promotion. The promotion has been organized in cooperation with

Rules of the promotion:

For each 10 EUR donation, one cobblestone engraved with the name of the donor’s choice (maximum 33 symbols, including spaces, Latin alphabet only) will be set in the Garden of Destiny Apple Tree Lane.

Each donor may purchase more than one cobblestone.

Construction of the Lane started in 2012. At the end of 2013 in the Lane are 6 050 cobblestones. The next subsequent section's construction is planned in the Spring 2014.

The Garden of Destiny staff reserve the right to decline acceptance of the name to be engraved if it is not a name and surname, but instead is the name of a business, an advertisement, a combination of several names, a place name or a text that contains double entered or indecent language.

Any donor declined acceptance will have one opportunity to correct the name to be engraved. If he chooses not to do so, the cobblestone will remain un-engraved.

The donor has the right to choose to not engrave the cobblestone he donates.

Participate in the promotion on the official website

It is also possible to purchase a cobblestone for 10 EUR on site at the Garden of Destiny or by transferring the donation to the Koknese Foundation bank account:

Foundation "Kokneses fonds"

Address: 75 – III Lāčplēša Street, Rīga, LV-1011

Registration number: 40008092535

Account number: LV10 UNLA 0050 0068 7884 4

Bank: AS SEB Bank


Please specify that the donation is for a cobblestone and also specify the name to be engraved. Since we do not have the opportunity to contact donors using bank transfer, if there is any question regarding the name to be engraved, the cobblestone will remain un-engraved.

The list of cobblestone donors is available here. This list contains the names of those donors who have either purchased a cobblestone on site at the Garden of Destiny or have donated via bank transfer. It is possible for the Koknese Foundation to identify these donors as supporters of the Garden of Destiny.

If you purchased a cobblestone via SMS, your name is not on this list, because mobile telephone companies are not allowed to disclose information about their clients. Your cobblestone is available for viewing at, or on site at the Garden of Destiny in the Apple Tree Lane.



Vilis Vitols, Chairman of the Board

Things are not going easily at the moment, but with your help we will continue to build the Garden of Destiny – relentlessly and irreversibly. We are attempting to complete it as a gift to Latvia on her 100th birthday. If by chance we do not complete it on time, there is no cause for concern. Construction of St. Peter’s Church in Riga took a total of 282 years. It will not take us that long.

J. Rungis, Director, LAAJ The Executive Council of LAAJ has decided to celebrate the 60th birthday of LAAJ by donating 6000 AUD (about 3000 lats) to the Garden of Destiny. We are a part of the far-strewn Latvian nation which is so aptly remembered at this memorial site. We hope that other organizations worldwide will consider a donation to the Garden of Destiny on their anniversaries.